Monday, September 29, 2014

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Synergy in fracking-chemistry?

  •  Understanding  synergy is essential in pharmacology. You must not take drugs that negate the properties of a prescription, and chemicals that, in combination, cause serious health damage and death.
  • Why are the appeals coming from Fracking-industry people, that indicate that the chemicals used in fracking are common household chemicals?   Ie: found in ice-cream, safely contained in the environment, not including the synergistic effects in their coctails?
  • One of the examinations of  the lungs of a police-officer, a first responder to the twin-towers events, stated that there were ' lungs identifiable', and there was  ' precedent for the unimagineable combinations of compounds that diseased his lungs."
  • The system wants more science from grade and high-school students, but can't seem to create a working handle on government/business collusion.
  • Polluting corporate-farms were stated as being necessary 'cuz Americans want cheap  food.
  • Illegal immigration, outsourcing labor to foreign lands and downsizing were stated as necessary because Americans want cheap-goods.
  • Leadership wants everyone college-educated, snarls at Americans who allegedly won't work for the low wages paid to illegal immigrants and foreign-labor, but want us to pay for a college-education.
  • Leadership wants de-regulation to make business affordable to business. But to use science and technology means regulation. And Science.  And science has been, and is being used to cheaply degrade the health of the planet. Investing in it doesn't appear to be anything but arrogant insistance on procuring bodies that can be used to profit from ecological and health degradation.
  • Deregulate fracking, lower property values invest in medecine, and water bottlers.
  • The winner gets more money.
  • The loser pays for personal damage, and environmntal damage.(if you can't find a lawyer.)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Heal The Sick. Raise The Dead.

  •    A Christian Country. Swear-In on the Bible.   Government and business allow the metal 'LEAD'  into human bodies, plants and animals. Tell working women to sharpen their little artists-brushes with saliva, between tongue and lips while applying radium to wrist-watch faces. Lower water quality standards to allow fracking-shale-chemicals into water supplies. Want to get rid of the EPA. De-regulate. Steal 2.7 Trillion dollars from Social Security with no plan to repay with interest. But expect repayment of back taxes, with interest, interest which can accumulate beyond the amount allegedly owed.                                          After  being seemingly, completely responsible for treating some children and mothers for lead-poison, stated '...we can't afford to handle lead-poison and adults. It would cost too much." New tort-law. Looser pays. We think we're entitled to compensation through money paid into SS, or if damaged by the business/government partnership, through the courts, like what would happen if a Democrat and a Republican were contesting a personal-injury suit.
  • Compassion through economics isn't justice, it's seen as Socialist. Social-Security is bad. Capitalism is good. Invest in Capitalism, not Social security. Who coined the word/s 'oxymoron'.
  •    Is Satan Prince of the powers of the air?  What's oxygen?  What are the air-waves?
  • We must abide by laws. Business must be de-regulated. Why the exception?
  • Why were politicians crying for deregulation during the Enron scandal. During the fiasco on Wall Street recently?
  • Why would a self professed Christian call for a moratorium on regulation, when there's obvious anarchy extant?
  • Why is it contained in the Bible that 'Knowledge will increase' (which, according to God, 'Puffs-Up', and lawlessness will increase, and '....the prodigies that deceived the world?  And that"...your leaders mislead you"?  Why are leaders commanding more science and math be accomplished, when if you try to use either, or common sense, you can't be heard addressing problems?
  • Why is it that the prodigous prodigies the system esteems are above the law, or should be, because regulation makes it too hard to prosper in business?  Like gas and paint manufacturers?
  • And fracking-chemistry innovators, who invent proprietary things a doctor may not know so he can't heal you when ( I read 900, and 75 and 275) chemicals and their synergistic possibilities are making you sick. 'Cuz they're secret. Proprietary. Owned by the company. Lest someone else can compete to make you sick using stolen poisons?
  • Do they invest in hospitals and pharmaceuticals, and gas and oil?  In one another?  If so. Is it OK?
  • A government that wants deregulation is not-government. But gets paid for governing.  Where is understandable nomenclature?

Monday, August 15, 2011

The word: "Entitlement"

    Strange how the word  'Entitlement" rigorously emanates through the body from a monetary aura, describing, among other things, that some of the poorest retirees shouldn't expect compensation for the funds extracted from their weekly paycheck. And this comes from a representative fixation that includes increased need for deregulation. Deregulation, or lack of regulation, may have been behind the Enron-ordeal, the recent elements on Wall Street, where, among other things, executives were given bonuses from the tax-base that may numerically be close to the earnings  of a poor workers lifetime.
   The system and some of it's  media mouthpieces don't seem to think that  they're not entiteled to  lower water quality standards to accomodate the gas-fracking industry, which follows in the path of releasing the metal 'lead' into gasoline and paint, hence into human bodies, animals and plants.
   Someone on a Public Radio (I believe) , a politico from Washington I think, stated "...we can't afford to handle 'lead-poison' and adults, it would cost too much.  That, along with the recent decision to saddle unknown numbers of working citizens with insurance where we must pay out of our own pockets, while the congeners of deregulation are continuing to unload hazards into the earths' biosphere.